Thank you for your interest. Project Submissions for the 1st edition of the El Gouna Film Festival are now closed !



An important element of the El Gouna Film Festival (GFF) is the CineGouna Platform. A creative hub for minds and markets, the CineGouna Platform is a filmmakers/industry oriented event created with the objective to nurture and bolster promising Egyptian and Arab cinema projects & filmmakers and to help them find artistic and financial support. The CineGouna Platform, will present programme initiatives such as the CineGouna Bridge and the CineGouna Springboard that will provide opportunities for learning through film‐making workshops, panel discussions, roundtables and master classes with experts in the field of Cinema.

CineGouna Bridge will be the meeting‐point and a platform for dialogue between different cinematic voices and will serve as a link between filmmakers from the Arab world and their international counterparts.

At CineGouna Springboard, some of the most promising new Arab projects that are in development, as well as films that are in post production will be presented to invited experts for their feedback thus providing the creators of new Arab projects with a unique opportunity to evaluate and enhance the potential of their work and find co‐production partners.

Submissions are now open only for ‘projects in development’.

The El Gouna Film Festival will accept submission of projects in development starting from July 12, 2017. The last date for submitting projects is August 6, 2017. The following rules will apply.

Films in post production will be in included in the inaugural edition of CineGouna Springboard by invitation only and will be part of a ‘Work in Progress’ session . No submissions of films in post production are being called for, however, filmmakers and/or film producers may write to if they have a film that is in post production so that it may be considered for inclusion in CineGouna Springboard.

Rules and Regulations

Article 1

Submissions are invited in the following general categories:
a) Feature Narratives in development (works of fiction that are 65 minutes minimum)
b) Feature Documentaries in development (non‐fiction works that are 52 minutes minimum)

Article 2

All applicants must comply with the following Rules & Regulations.

Article 3


a) The applicant: director and/or producer must be a national of, or be originally from one of  the Arab countries. 
     In addition, the production company must be from at least one of theses countries .

b) Project must have both a director and a producer attached.

c) Projects that are in the phase of production, i.e. those projects that have started principal photography are not eligible.

Article 4


a) The application process needs to be completed online. Hard copies of applications will not be accepted.

b) The application can be submitted only by the producer or the director of the project. Applications made by any other persons will not be accepted.

c) The applications must contain the following:
A completed online application form submitted through the GFF Website;

    ii. Logline (40 words max);
   iii. Short Synopsis (250 words max);
   iv. Director’s artistic statement (250 words max);
    v. Producer’s Note (250 words max);
   vi. Production details (co‐producers, funds, tentative timeline);
  vii. Director’s profile (150 words max) and filmography;
 viii. Producer’s profile, (150 words max) and filmography;
   ix. Script in original language;
    x. English translation of the script;
   xi. Treatment (7 to 12 pages) in original language;
  xii. English translation of Treatment.

d) The information on the application form cannot be edited once submitted.

e) CineGouna Platform reserves the right to use the title, publicity material, digital pictures, or clips of a selected project for promotion     

f) The project documents submitted by the applicant to CineGouna Platform may be rendered accessible to the third‐party partners and evaluation committees associated with CineGouna Platform as well as to the consultants/experts or Juries participating in the El Gouna Film

g) The project documents will be sent to the aforementioned parties electronically by e‐ The applicant is aware of and understands the risks associated with electronic correspondence by e‐mail. In particular, e‐mail can be unwittingly lost or read, received, copied or falsified by outside parties, which may result in considerable damages.

h) The applicant allows GFF to conduct written email correspondence relating to the abovementioned evaluation and to all matters associated with the CineGouna Platform, as well as to send project documents by e‐mail, to the selection committees, consultants/experts, Juries and other third party partners that participating in the CineGouna Platform.

Article 5


Once the project is selected, either the Producer and / or the Director of the project must be present in El Gouna from September 22 to 28, 2017. Participation in the Orientation session that will be held on September 23, 2017 is mandatory.

Accommodation, travel and accreditation of the director and the producer of selected project for CineGouna Springboard will be covered by GFF.

Selected international applicants are required to obtain the necessary visa on their own. GFF will provide all the necessary documents.

Article 6

Selection Process

Projects will be selected from applications received on or before the last date of submission which is August 6, 2017.
The Selection Committee will select projects on the basis of their content, artistic vision, and the overall financial feasibility of the project.
The Selection Committee’s decision will be final and binding.

Article 7

Applicants may send in more than one project, but only one project per Director or Producer will be selected. Each accepted Project will only be eligible for one grant. The grant will be subject to the terms of the CineGouna Springboard. Participants must sign an Agreement and accept the terms and conditions of the grant before receiving the grant. The winner of the CineGouna Platform Award must commit to holding the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) premiere of the film when it is ready at the immediate next edition of the El Gouna Film Festival.

Article 8

The selected projects in development will compete for the following grants: CineGouna Platform: Certificate and cash award of USD 20,000
Additional grants, funded by different institutions, are expected to join the project in the coming days. These funding institutions may require to be acknowledged for their support by way of inclusion of a line and their logo in the credits of the film once the film is realised. By submitting a
project to CineGouna Springboard, the applicant agrees to include the text and logo in the credits of
the film.

An International jury of film experts, invited by the El Gouna Film Festival, will meet the representatives of the projects selected for the first edition of CineGouna Springboard to discuss their projects with them and help them fine tune their projects. The award of the grants will be decided by a Jury of industry experts and announced at the CineGouna Platform Closing Ceremony to be held on September 28, 2017. .
The cash amount of the grant will be disbursed to the main producer or the producer who has
submitted the project to CineGouna Springboard.

Article 9

CineGouna Springboard reserves the right to invite a project.

Article 10

CineGouna Springboard reserves the right to change the Rules and Regulations of the programs
without prior notice.

Article 11


The applicant confirms, undertakes and agrees that in the event the applicant’s project is selected/award of a grant by CineGouna Platform, the applicant shall not be entitled to release his film based on the said project (“Film”) without giving credit to CineGouna Platform in the Film and inserting the CineGouna Platform logo in the credits of the film, its poster and all its publicity material once finalized. Appropriate resolution logo will be sent upon request. Fulfilling this condition is a pre requisite for the project’s eventual release on any distribution platform.

The applicant agrees to provide a DVD copy of the finished Film along with one of each publicity material used prior to the release of the film to enable CineGouna Platform to ascertain that the credits and placement of the CineGouna Platform logo is accurate. In the event CineGouna Platform notifies to the Applicant in writing to change the credits or placement of the CineGouna Platform logo, then the applicant shall be bound to carry out such changes. The applicant agrees and understands that CineGouna Platform shall be entitled to seek injunctive reliefs against the Film in the event of the applicant’s breach of this obligation to accord CineGouna Platform with appropriate credits as directed by CineGouna Platform.

Article 12

CineGouna Platform is an industry oriented event whose aim is to enable film industry professionals to promote their projects and make valuable business contacts in the film circles. The role of El Gouna Film Festival in holding and organizing the CineGouna Platform is limited to providing a platform to the professionals in their interest and for the purpose specified above. The applicant agrees and undertakes that in case of a dispute in relation to the project submitted to CineGouna Platform with any third party including, but not limited to Intellectual Property Rights infringement claims or otherwise, the applicant will not make any claim against El Gouna Film Festival in this regard and will initiate claim only against the concerned person/ individual before the appropriate

Article 13

Applicants agree to be bound by the laws of the Arab Republic of Egypt. Disputes, if any, will be subject exclusively to the jurisdiction of the Courts in Egypt.

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